Why you should switch from Chrome to Firefox

Lifehacker has an excellent article discussing the reasons why one should switch from the popular Google Chrome web browser to Mozilla Firefox.

Firefox has been around for quite some time, long before Chrome and its roots go all the way back to the historical trailblazer Netscape. The new version (57) of Firefox experience a huge revamp that increased its speed considerably, to be faster than Chrome. Considering my own experience with Chrome being increasingly arrogant and greedy with monopolizing computer resources and spawning numerous background processes, I continue to recommend Firefox as my primary browser of choice.

Not long ago, popular site The Verge also described in more technical detail how Google Chrome is starting to exhibit the bad behavior that made Internet Explorer 6 the bane of the internet and a scourge that took many years to stomp out and move beyond. Unfortunately some companies are still dealing with the negative ramifications of so many years of IE6 even today.

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