Support during COVID-19

During this difficult time where we are trying to "shelter in place" and avoid in-person interacting whenever possible, I'm being frequently asked if I'm still providing support. Yes, I am. I [...] Read more

Mac malware now outpacing Windows malware

It is a common misconception that Mac computers are immune to malware. Not only has this never been the case, but Vox is now reporting that Mac malware is outpacing malware on Windows. I do work on [...] Read more

ISPs can no longer charge for routers they don't provide

Per a new government spending bill signed by congress in December as an update to the Communications Act, a new "consumer right to accurate equipment charges" provision prohibits internet service [...] Read more

Disney+ "hack" shows importance of not reusing passwords

So you may have heard in the news that Disney+ was immediately "hacked" with thousands of account usernames and passwords available on the internet black market within hours of the service being [...] Read more

Firefox’s fight for the future of the web

The "browser wars" continue on. These days, a majority of people have been lured/forced into Google's Chrome web browser, but issues regarding user privacy and the openness of the web keep growing. [...] Read more

German Cybersecurity Agency Picks Firefox As Most Secure Browser

Recently the German Federal Office for Information Security ran an audit of the five major desktop web browsers to evaluate them on a number of key security features and guidelines. Of all the [...] Read more

New Firefox update has big privacy, speed and battery improvements

Mozilla is announcing that the latest Firefox version 69 carries with it a number of significant improvements. Their new "enhanced tracking protection" is now available to everyone and enabled by [...] Read more

Google Chrome has become surveillance software. It’s time to switch

The news stories continue to grow as people are discovering just how insidious the Google Chrome web browser is becoming. The latest is one in The Washington Post titled: "Goodbye, Chrome: Google’s [...] Read more

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