Virus and Malware Disinfection

VirusOne of my specialties these days is spyware/adware/malware/virus removal and cleaning. This currently is an epidemic among PCs running Microsoft Windows and often ends up being the root cause of many complaints. Symptoms include excessive ads and/or pop-up boxes, bizarre notices or error-messages, an overall slow feel to the computer or internet use, frequent crashes or hangs, etc. If you suffer from these or similar problems, you might have an infected computer, and I am your guy to clean up your computer.

Note that most vendor tech support will be unable or unwilling to perform the complicated and tedious work necessary to clean your system. A daunting task for many even when they have the computer in front of them let alone trying to walk a non-technical person through it over the phone! Usually the only solution offered will be a "system restore", which will wipe your computer clean and revert it back to the way you received it, losing all your data. While this certainly will quickly clean your computer, it is a serious inconvenience for most users, as they will have to reinstall and reconfigure much of their software, as well as either try and back up their personal data or risk losing it all. Years of experience with numerous infected PCs have allowed me to specialize in not resorting to such an extreme measure. In almost all cases, I can clean your computer without a format, reinstall, or any data loss whatsoever.

Once you are clean and back on your feet, we can discuss the necessary steps to best keep you that way going forward. While having good, up-to-date antivirus software is extremely important, it is only one part of the solution. Education on best practices, safe surfing/clicking, identifying "phishing" emails and malicious hyperlinks, and how to pass along this advice to all other users (such as your children) is also critical.