Hardware Repair

Computer hardwareDead hard drive? Broken laptop screen? Computer not powering on any more? Something else? I am as comfortable with hardware as I am with software. I have the specialized tools and the skills to open up your computer and perform most repairs on the physical hardware. I have gone through the training and testing to obtain and maintain Dell and Apple hardware repair certification, giving me experience you will not find with most people doing repair work on the side. At my home office, I have a specialized static-free workbench where I can work on your computer safely and efficiently, along with my full arsenal of tools, so it is preferred that most repairs be done there (either via me picking up the computer or you delivering to me).

Please contact me with the brand and model number of your computer, along with the nature of the problem. In some cases, I might need to see the computer in person first to properly assess the issue and give you an estimate.

Some examples of a normal day of work for me:

A laptop I have completely disassembled.


An iMac with every component removed. I do this on a fairly regular basis.