Support during COVID-19

During this difficult time where we are trying to "shelter in place" and avoid in-person interacting whenever possible, I'm being frequently asked if I'm still providing support.

Yes, I am. I certainly understand that many people are now more dependent than ever on their home network and computing devices in order to maintain their lives and livelihoods remotely from home.

There are of course new conditions and procedures. In-person one-on-one support/consulting sessions are of course not possible, but remote-control desktop sessions are an option in many cases. If a computer needs repair or otherwise hands-on time by me, we can coordinate a safe transfer process outside of your home or office. Please do not include a bag or anything other than the computer itself unless I specifically request it (such as the power adapter, not always needed). Everything will be sanitized before I take it in and before I give it back.

I have done a couple urgent on-site service calls but this required extensive additional conditions/procedures. I'd prefer avoiding doing those sorts of calls if at all possible.

Regardless of your issue or need, I encourage you to still feel free to contact me and we'll see what we can work out.

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