Time to migrate off Yahoo

In light of yet another report of a massive data breech at Yahoo, this time with the personal information of a staggering 1 billion user accounts stolen, it's become clear that Yahoo is no longer a [...] Read more

Consider repairability/upgradeability before purchase

It is an unfortunate trend with modern electronics to move towards less ability to repair and/or upgrade, forcing the user into a shorter lifespan and upgrade cycle. While this is great for the [...] Read more

Nearly half of all websites pose security risks

Disturbing news from an article posted today: "According to a new study of the top one million domains, 46 percent are running vulnerable software, are known phishing sites, or have had a security [...] Read more

Malware plague continues

I just wanted to put out another reminder about how bad the malware (viruses, trojans, etc) plague continues to be, for both Windows and Mac users. First is a report outlining that bugs in the Adobe [...] Read more

2yo Chome bug puts Windows users at risk of scam

It's being reported at betanews as well as other sites that a bug in Chrome that was discovered and reported to Google 2 years ago is now being actively exploited by a malcious website to infect [...] Read more

Create a Windows 10 Recovery Drive

With Windows 10, unfortunately Microsoft did away with many methods that us technicians would use to repair a corrupted or otherwise non-booting Windows computer. Instead, Microsoft has come up with [...] Read more

'Alarming' rise in ransomware tracked

An article on the BBC website discusses an "alarming" rise in the amount of ransomware being seen in the wild, with over 120 different "families" known so far (far more specific pieces of ransomware [...] Read more

Samsung advising users to NOT upgrade to Win10

According to an article at The Register, apparently due to 12 months of user complaints of issues and problems, Samsung is advising users to simply not upgrade any Samsung computers to Windows 10. [...] Read more

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