Apple revealed to be working to prevent repair

An article on Motherboard discusses how lobbying records in New York have revealed how Apple is actively working to kill legislation that allows users and repair shops to repair its products, in this [...] Read more

Still using Windows XP? Prepare for the worst.

In a recent Wired article titled "If You Still Use Windows XP, Prepare For the Worst", the new and growing dangers of continuing with this abandoned and insecure operating system are laid out in [...] Read more

WannaCrypt: what you need to know

So if you have been listening to the news, you've likely heard about the worldwide ransomwhere epidemic that has now affected over 200,000 users in over 150 countries. The two big questions for users [...] Read more

State police warn of computer virus scam

WCAX is reporting about a common scam that apparently hitting a lot of Vermonters. The desciption seems to fit that of a common ransomware attack or the less-serious false infection scam where the [...] Read more

Report reveals how Apple product design prevents proper recycling

An article from the website Motherboard reports: "Apple released its Environmental Responsibility Report Wednesday, an annual grandstanding effort that the company uses to position itself as a [...] Read more

Windows Vista reaching end-of-life April 11th

As many new sources are reporting, Windows Vista is reaching "end of life" (EOL) soon, on April 11th 2017. After this point, there will be no more security updates or fixes from Microsoft and all [...] Read more

MacBook Pro is the first Apple laptop Consumer Reports won't recommend

Many news sites have reported recently that the new MacBook Pro is the first Apple laptop that Consumer Reports won't recommend. In this case, the issue was poor battery life. To add insult to [...] Read more

Fire caused by computer on bean bag

Fire investigators have determined that a recent (12/15/16) fire at Castleton University was caused by a laptop being left on a bean bag, and overheating. It's important to remember that your [...] Read more

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