Don't search for tech support numbers

These days it's very common for people to begin every browsing session with a search. Even when they know the link/domain to a website, many people will lazily just do a search for "microsoft" to go [...] Read more

New MacBooks are faster, but flawed

Likely by now you've heard the complaints all over the internet regarding MacBooks as of late. The lack of removable batteries (they're glued-in), the non-repairable keyboards that require a full [...] Read more

Apple Engineers Its Own Downfall With the Macbook Pro Keyboard

There's a really informative article over at iFixit titled, "Apple Engineers Its Own Downfall With the Macbook Pro Keyboard". This is a really good summary of a current issue with Macbook keyboards [...] Read more

10 Steps to Computer and Data Security

All these topics could be an extended conversation in and of themselves, but I wanted to at least provide this abbreviated cheat-sheet of my general guidelines. This isn't meant to be an exhaustive [...] Read more

Apple investigated by France for planned obsolescence

The BBC is reporting that French prosecutors have launched a probe over allegations of planned obsolescence in Apple's iPhone. "Planned obsolescence" is the intentional policy of producing consumer [...] Read more

Why you should switch from Chrome to Firefox

Lifehacker has an excellent article discussing the reasons why one should switch from the popular Google Chrome web browser to Mozilla Firefox. Firefox has been around for quite some time, long [...] Read more

HP Recalls 50,000 Lithium-Ion Laptop Batteries Over Fire Risk

Consumer Reports is reporting that HP has announced that it is recalling the lithium-ion batteries in more than 50,000 laptops because of the danger of fire in cases of battery malfunction. The [...] Read more

Apple admits to slowing down old iPhones

The huge story is being circulated all around the major news outlets how Apple has admitted to the long-suspected practice of slowing down older model iPhones, purportedly to get longer runtime out [...] Read more

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