New Firefox update has big privacy, speed and battery improvements

Mozilla is announcing that the latest Firefox version 69 carries with it a number of significant improvements. Their new "enhanced tracking protection" is now available to everyone and enabled by [...] Read more

Google Chrome has become surveillance software. It’s time to switch

The news stories continue to grow as people are discovering just how insidious the Google Chrome web browser is becoming. The latest is one in The Washington Post titled: "Goodbye, Chrome: Google’s [...] Read more

Chrome, Safari and Edge to disable user privacy feature. Firefox is still good.

So it's being reported that almost all web browsers (including Google Chrome, Apple's Safari and Microsoft's Edge) are going to be removing the feature that allows users to disable a click-tracking [...] Read more

Millions of Facebook records found unsecured on Amazon servers

Today Bloomberg is reporting that millions of records of private information of Facebook users' accounts was found public and unsecured on Amazon Cloud Servers. It is rather staggering at the level [...] Read more

Appl Still Hasn’t Fixd Its MacBook Kyboad Problm

There's a great article at The Wall Street Journal from a reporter documenting her ongoing frustrations with the systemic problems with the new Macbook keyboards. This aligns with my own experiences [...] Read more

Apple Genius Bar caught ripping off customers

Apple certainly does try to have a stranglehold on the repair market for their products. By trying to limit you to only going to their service centers, it allows them to name whatever price they want [...] Read more

Botnet infecting 100K routers, using them to send spam

Has your router been infected and taken over by spammers to send spam? A flaw in Broadcom-based routers (first discovered in 2013) that exploits a flaw in the UPnP protocol is being used to infect [...] Read more

If you value my services, follow "Right to Repair" news

You may or may not have heard of this thing called "right to repair" in the news the past few years, especially recently. What this refers to is legislation that is trying to apply the same [...] Read more

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