New MacBooks are faster, but flawed

Likely by now you've heard the complaints all over the internet regarding MacBooks as of late. The lack of removable batteries (they're glued-in), the non-repairable keyboards that require a full teardown and replacement of the main frame/chassis (which includes the battery), memory (RAM) and hard drives that are not replaceable or upgradeable like other laptops (forcing you to buy a whole new computer when all you need is more RAM or more storage), and the displays that cost 5-10 times more what other displays do when they get cracked and need to be replaced. Then, more recently with the 2016 & 2017 models, the horrible keyboards that people complain about on a good day regarding how they feel, but have now been shown to be failure-prone with no fewer than three class action lawsuits against Apple for their flawed design (which might not be so bad if they keyboards could easily be repaired).

In July 2018 Apple introduced new MacBook models, with faster CPUs and "improved" keyboards. Many users might be excited about this sign suggesting that Apple still cares about its computer line despite making over 70% of their revenue from iPhones and iPads. However, buyer beware even with these new models. As a recent Wired article outlines, while these new MacBooks are indeed faster, they still remain horribly flawed and retain much of the problems that Apple has intentionally introduced into their product line. Be sure to fully understand what you're getting (both good and bad) and what you're not getting if you opt to stick with these expensive, unrepairable, non-upgradeable computers.

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