Botnet infecting 100K routers, using them to send spam

Has your router been infected and taken over by spammers to send spam?

A flaw in Broadcom-based routers (first discovered in 2013) that exploits a flaw in the UPnP protocol is being used to infect over 100,000 home routers and hijack them to send out spam. The list of routers is pretty long and will be included at the bottom of this post.

What can you do? If you are comfortable, logging into your router and performing a firmware update might be sufficient, but this depends on your router manufacturer having released an update since 2013 to address the issue. The procedure to update a router's firmware will vary from brand to brand and model to model... if your router was supplied to you by your ISP (especially if you are leasing it from them), you might be able to get your ISP's tech support to take care of this for you. Barring that, you could alternatively disable UPnP on your router. This could affect some applications so you might have to take steps to allow certain applications to work on your internet connection via manually setting up port forwarding.

If your router is on this list and you would like assistance from me, please contact me to set up an appointment.

Known router list so far:

ADB Broadband S.p.A, HomeStation ADSL Router
ADB Broadband, ADB ADSL Router
ALSiTEC, Broadcom ADSL Router
ASB, ADSL Router
ASB, ChinaNet EPON Router
ASB, ChinaTelecom E8C(EPON) Gateway
Actiontec, Actiontec GT784WN
Actiontec, Verizon ADSL Router
BEC Technologies Inc., Broadcom ADSL Router
Best IT World India Pvt. Ltd., 150M Wireless-N ADSL2+ Router
Best IT World India Pvt. Ltd., iB-WRA300N
Billion Electric Co., Ltd., ADSL2+ Firewall Router
Billion Electric Co., Ltd., BiPAC 7800NXL
Billion, BiPAC 7700N
Billion, BiPAC 7700N R2
Binatone Telecommunication, Broadcom LAN Router
Broadcom, ADSL Router
Broadcom, ADSL2+ 11n WiFi CPE
Broadcom, Broadcom Router
Broadcom, Broadcom ADSL Router
Broadcom, D-Link DSL-2640B
Broadcom, D-link ADSL Router
Broadcom, DLink ADSL Router
ClearAccess, Broadcom ADSL Router
Comtrend, AR-5383n
Comtrend, Broadcom ADSL Router
Comtrend, Comtrend single-chip ADSL router
D-Link Corporation., D-Link DSL-2640B
D-Link Corporation., D-Link DSL-2641B
D-Link Corporation., D-Link DSL-2740B
D-Link Corporation., D-Link DSL-2750B
D-Link Corporation., D-LinkDSL-2640B
D-Link Corporation., D-LinkDSL-2641B
D-Link Corporation., D-LinkDSL-2741B
D-Link Corporation., DSL-2640B
D-Link, ADSL 4*FE 11n Router
D-Link, D-Link ADSL Router
D-Link, D-Link DSL-2640U
D-Link, D-Link DSL-2730B
D-Link, D-Link DSL-2730U
D-Link, D-Link DSL-2750B
D-Link, D-Link DSL-2750U
D-Link, D-Link DSL-6751
D-Link, D-Link DSL2750U
D-Link, D-Link Router
D-Link, D-link ADSL Router
D-Link, DVA-G3672B-LTT Networks ADSL Router
DARE, Dare router
DLink, D-Link DSL-2730B
DLink, D-Link VDSL Router
DLink, DLink ADSL Router
DQ Technology, Inc., ADSL2+ 11n WiFi CPE
DQ Technology, Inc., Broadcom ADSL Router
DSL, ADSL Router
DareGlobal, D-Link ADSL Router
Digicom S.p.A., ADSL Wireless Modem/Router
Digicom S.p.A., RAW300C-T03
Dlink, D-Link DSL-225
Eltex, Broadcom ADSL Router
FiberHome, Broadcom ADSL Router
GWD, ChinaTelecom E8C(EPON) Gateway
Genew, Broadcom ADSL Router
INTEX, Wireless N 150 ADSL2+ Modem Router
INTEX, Wireless N 300 ADSL2+ Modem Router
ITI Ltd., ITI Ltd.ADSL2Plus Modem/Router
Inteno, Broadcom ADSL Router
Intercross, Broadcom ADSL Router
IskraTEL, Broadcom ADSL Router
Kasda, Broadcom ADSL Router
Link-One, Modem Roteador Wireless N ADSL2+ 150 Mbps
Linksys, Cisco X1000
Linksys, Cisco X3500
NB, DSL-2740B
NetComm Wireless Limited, NetComm ADSL2+ Wireless Router
NetComm, NetComm ADSL2+ Wireless Router
NetComm, NetComm WiFi Data and VoIP Gateway
Opticom, DSLink 485
Orcon, Genius
Raisecom, Broadcom ADSL Router
Ramptel, 300Mbps ADSL Wireless-N Router
Router, ADSL2+ Router
Star-Net, Broadcom ADSL Router
Starbridge Networks, Broadcom ADSL Router
TP-LINK Technologies Co., Ltd, 300Mbps Wireless N ADSL2+ Modem Router
TP-LINK Technologies Co., Ltd, 300Mbps Wireless N USB ADSL2+ Modem Router
TP-LINK, TP-LINK Wireless ADSL2+ Modem Router
TP-LINK, TP-LINK Wireless ADSL2+ Router
Technicolor, CenturyLink TR-064 v4.0
Tenda, Tenda ADSL2+ WIFI MODEM
Tenda, Tenda ADSL2+ WIFI Router
Tenda, Tenda Gateway
UTStarcom Inc., UTStarcom ADSL2+ Modem Router
UTStarcom Inc., UTStarcom ADSL2+ Modem/Wireless Router
UniqueNet Solutions, WLAN N300 ADSL2+ Modem Router
ZTE, Broadcom ADSL Router
ZTE, ONU Router
Zhone, Broadcom ADSL Router
Zhone, Zhone Wireless Gateway
Zoom, Zoom Adsl Modem/Router
ZyXEL, CenturyLink UPnP v1.0
ZyXEL, P-660HN-51
ZyXEL, ZyXEL xDSL Router
huaqin, HGU210 v3 Router
iBall Baton, iBall Baton 150M Wireless-N ADSL2+ Router
iiNet Limited, BudiiLite
iiNet, BoB2
iiNet, BoBLite

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